President Joe Biden

Trump has no place in government, period. He can’t speak in any detail or any real capacity about policy, history, democracy, ideology (the only tenets he holds are transactional), traditions, the economy, foreign affairs, geography and pretty much anything else of substance. Trump has always been a sideshow carnival barker with a long history of mis-deeds and mis-statements while displaying a complete lack of self awareness. He’s a psychopathic and a liar. What I see as his most egregious behavior is the con he has played on good people looking for something to believe in.
Biden does?... he's been a grifting politician, psychopath and liar his entire 45-year career. Sorry... keep whining... 98% of us would take Trump again tomorrow based on the results of both. You hear that, CisKer? BASED ON THE RESULTS OF BOTH.

No joke.
The actor playing crooked Joe deserves an award for best actor. You can't make this stuff up. My lib pal is finally waking up to the fact that the old Joe is gone!

No, dipshit, they aren't charging us the same price for smaller packages... they're charging more.

"Bribenomics... my plan is working... no joke!" - JoeTato (2024)
Chris "espola" Coons and the rest of you losers need to seek help. This guy is a joke!!!

Crush, how can you POSSIBLY say JoeTato isn't sharp and on top of his game?

What OTHER world leader could build a railroad across an entire ocean? No joke!
He doesn't run from anything. Can't say the same for you.
I do not run from anything; I go through the wall for others and protected my dd from scum bags, liars and cheats. I was in the middle of it all. I could not be bought, and I would not pay the price of entry. No one had the balls to stand up to youth soccer cheaters. espola is a little demon man who lies and cheats and he know's it. He's playing multiple avatars as well and we all know it.
President Harris?
Crooked Joe hit his head and word on the street is he has brain problem. Sec of Defense Austin is not doing well either. God help us!!!

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