Getting another player card to guest play?


Sorry, I just checked with a friend and it's the same for girls.
Don't apologize... I was just thinking out loud and asking. Assuming a kid that wants to turn 'pro', out of high school, is one of those that just loves the game, willing to risk it all, and can always go to college later. He/she is a 1% player, right? They won't play in college but that's the rub. Part of me appreciates the option but, as a parent that fully believes college is the better choice and for multiple reasons, I feel your pain. I suppose money factors in as well. No different than signing with the Yankees vs. playing in college... at least I would think.

Or are you describing an academy program that doesn't pay the kids? Would assume they keep their amateur status, yes? Isn't that where D1 schools here pick up all those Euro players?
Club Registrar here (SoCal, US Soccer, former USYS)

USYS doesn’t allow more than one card per player, though the system used to allow a few cards to be printed when players were on two rosters. Loaning a player required obtaining the card, which managers were responsible for with approval.

US Soccer/SoCal allows multiple cards to be printed and allows electronic versions as well, but only the issuing club is authorized to use them. Just having a card or a copy of one is not authorization to guest play and their insurance for the player and the team will NOT be valid. Tournaments don’t care and don’t know the rules.

To guest play with a US Soccer card, the borrowing team must fill out and sign a form, send it to the lending team who will fill out their portion and sign, then it must be emailed to US Club before start of play. Only then will the card be a valid card.

With non competing leagues, it’s sometimes easier to just register the player and cancel it when no longer needed.