2018-2019 Laws of the Game Changes

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    There are not many changes to the Laws of the Game for 2018-2019. The first link is to the IFAB page that has links to the changes and LOTG. The second link is to the changes, reasoning and interpretation. I have included some of the changes that will effect the youth game. It will take coaches and players a while to learn the changes and spectators will be losing their minds for a few years until they learn the changes.


    Changes to the LOTG
    • There is no limit on the number of substitutes that can be used in youth football
    Law 3
    • Competition rules may permit the use of an additional substitute in extra time (even if not all permitted substitutes have been used)
    Law 4
    • Player who has left the field because of an equipment issue and returns without permission and interferes is penalised with a direct free kick (or penalty kick)
    Law 7
    • Drinks breaks should not exceed one minute
    • Allowance must be made for time ‘lost’ for drinks breaks and VAR checks/ reviews
    Law 10
    • Kicks from the penalty mark – a replacement for a goalkeeper cannot take a kick in that ‘round’ if the goalkeeper has already taken a kick
    Law 12
    • Biting is included as a direct free kick and sending-off offence
    • If the referee plays advantage for a DOGSO the offender is cautioned (YC) whether or not a goal is scored
    • Where 2 separate cautionable (YC) offences are committed in close proximity, both cautions (YCs) must be issued-off offense; same principle if one is a sending-off offense
    • If a player commits an offence outside the field of play (ball in play) against someone from
    their own team (including a team official) it is an indirect free kick on the boundary line
    Law 15
    • A player must stand to take a throw-in (kneeling, sitting etc. not permitted)
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    I read somewhere that it's a straight yellow if a player does the VAR symbol ( making the square box with their hands ). Should be no problem with the U-littles but I can see some teenage kids doing that thinking it's funny.

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