Roll Call - (2008s)

"SoCalSoccerForum" earned it's rep by being a place that brings people together to form a community that forges friendships and rivalries. Information is shared, debates are had, flame wars ensue, and Goats graze. Vets, Newbies, Lurkers and Trolls all have their place, and for those that answer "The Call" the forum becomes something real as people meet and put a face to the name.

Parents, players, and coaches alike break down silos and SoCalSoccer can stand for things that mean something, see Katie Hawley.

In an attempt to remove the blur and paint a clearer picture of what the forum can be, I challenge you to answer the call and put yourself out there. I will be putting up the roll call in several age groups. Once the season is done for the "olders", I will proceed with the same in those age categories. I will update the original post accordingly as the roll call expands. Who's up first?

Roll Call (7 Members)

Empire SC

Papa Teran

LA Galaxy - San Diego


Real So Cal - SCV
Jason DiDomenico

Rebels Elite

South Slammers

Strikers FC
Penalty Kicks Stink
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Answered the roll call a few years back and not a big response. Maybe this year with some clubs in CRL, and an 08 ODP roster, and some better soccer being played in the second year of 9v9 we'll get more people answering the call-


'08 and 06 boys Matrix teams. Training 3 days a week and guesting in tourneys only, arena and tiso on weekends. It's great still following the Club GU8 progression. Should be an interesting season as we come into the big field. Good luck everyone!