Rise (and Fall) in the East: East County $urf

You are right about not judging Surf Affiliates relative to SD Surf. I don't know why people insist on making a connection between SD Surf and all of the other Surf Clubs. They are completely separate clubs. The only things all these organizations have in common is the word "Surf" appears in their club names, and they all have to purchase overpriced "Surf" uniforms each year, that Surf Cup Sports (SD Surf) gets a percentage of. It's simply a marketing kick-back business strategy. Very successful strategy as well, because the end consumer (parents) don't understand that they are not going to get any access to SD Surf teams or coaches.
Welcome to Socal Surf Soccer. Surf's up in Covina....lol.


I wouldn't even extrapolate much of that as far as one might think based on SoCal alone - if the implication is that the financial arrangements make the club more expensive for parents than it would be otherwise. In other markets (including ours), Surf often goes 2 years between uniforms - and in our market in particular, it is the low-cost provider compared to the other handful of top clubs; in some cases half the cost per year.
Which Surf are you talking about? At EC Surf uniform change happened annually, full kit was required, and it was much more expensive than when it was Liverpool.