Legends Classic


Not sure if thats the team. But from what I'm told they recruited the top 2-3 players from Sand & Surf. At least that's what I was told.
They are good team. Very athletic.

I was under the impression that Otto was the 1A team to Mulligan being the top dog. Otto used a couple from Mulligans for this tournament.
La Masia was virtually the Mulligan team (top dog team). Unless I'm wrong? And Otto beat them and Arsenal tied them. So I'm unsure how Otto is the 3rd or 4th best team? Forsyth's team played in a small non competitive tournament and won. Is that now the 2nd best team? They captured what was a really good F2 team Legends Temecula's best players.

All I know if that there is a lot of talent in the 2013 age group.
That 2013 Arsenal team is better than people would think… seems like their coach made some adjustments and position switches… could be a very interesting team to watch this season..


Looking at the Manchester City Teams this weekend, it looks like Mulligan has two teams. Then you have the Forsyth and Otto teams battling it out. Looks like four competitive blues teams.
Didn’t the Mulligan team get knocked out of State Cup early and the Otto team made it to the semifinals?