Thoughts on clubs (LA Galaxy San Diego, Surf, Albion)

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Which club do you recommend?

  1. Surf

  2. LA Galaxy San Diego

  3. Albion

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    Why would you based your decision on where to relocate your family based on soccer? That is very short sighted. Find a neighborhood in your price range, within easy commuting distance and condusive to your families needs in general. Do you want to be close to the beach, have a larger plot of land, ok with a cookie cutter home, want a walkable community etc.?

    This school talk is way over-rated. There are good schools in all parts of San Diego regardless of ratings. My only real concern would be the safety of the school location. Otherwise as long as the school has AP or IB classes which generally have the teachers that care, the quality of the education will be about the same and not impact learning or the ability to get in a good college.
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