Soccer Masters Camps

Looking for feed back, anyone attend one of these camps? $695 for 2 days?


Normally, coaches (particularly head coaches) who compete for the same players and play in the same league don’t do camps together unless they are being paid a lot of money by the organizers to appear there with the hope of attracting participants. That’s why this camp is so expensive. All camps are money-makers, but this is slanted a little more that way. Doesn’t mean you won’t have a great experience or can’t make connections with coaches, but you just have to accept that you’re buying access to those coaches and the coaches may be viewing this more as a personal income supplement than a recruiting trip.
For small div1, div 2 and div3 those camps can be opportunities for coaches who don’t have big budgets to attend lots of events to see you. Or if you’re from a smaller club that doesn’t play in big events. But Stanford UCLA UW wake forest etc are not recruiting at those camps. It’s an income booster for them. And the coaches attending can change until the last minute. So with no recruiting calendar approved it’s really buyer beware.

if the ncaa lifts the dead period and a club or organization throws together a top tournament that same weekend the coaches attending will look a lot different. So be wary.
My daughter has been to a few SM camps. After attending repeated camps, numerous coaches know her by name.

In a word, this camp series is Awesome.

Top tier coaches probably don’t say to themselves hey maybe I’ll find some hidden gems at this camp, but I’ve watched them out there on the field, teaching, imparting a bit of knowledge, and a big dose of inspiration.
Mine have been to these camps as well as other "open access" ID camps and some invite only small-group camps. My take on the SM camps is that the level of comp at these camps is very variable, making for some rough scrimmages with potentially chaotic play (lots of ball hogging, 1v1, and non-tactical soccer) that makes them a crap shoot. The D1 and Ivy coaches have basically said at these camps that they're not expecting to find much. In their words, the number of open spots they're filling is limited and SM camps aren't the pipeline for these prospects. They might find a hidden green but the coaches are going more as a service and side gig than to find recruits. Moreover, the amount of time players are actually playing/active in front of coaches is not huge relative to the amount of time you spend there. For example, at one of the SM camps we went to, kids were playing/training/warming-up in front of coaches for a total of 3 hours in a day that went from 8:30am to 5pm (8.5 total hours). In those 3 hours, players were rotating, subbing, etc. so the actual amount of exposure was even less. Lots of dead time watching other groups play, taking breaks, having lunch, etc. So, if your kid isn't a standout at the camp they won't be much of a beneficiary from the name recognition value in the follow up communications. And if they are a standout, the coach should already know who they are by junior year. And, of they aren't juniors the coaches can't even talk to them anyway.