SoCal Professional commentary


Man- what an end-season, offseason, early pre-season.

LAFC wins the MLS cup.

Galaxy supporter groups are boycotting home games in protest of Chris Klein's re-appointment as President.

Galaxy 2 goes to Next Pro- I guess we'll see what happens.

Orange County falls flat in 2022 for a lot of reasons. we'll see if they can bounce back after managing to barely keep their home ground for 2023.

Loyal has a good season but once again bombs out with a first round playoff loss, only to be under threat from an MLS franchise.

I haven't heard much about Santa Barbara Sky, but I admit I am not plugged into it at all, other than them starting in 2024. Hopeful they kickstart a SoCal League One presence to augment Central Valley Fuego.

NISA in general sounds like they might not even be around for 2023.

Open secret that Cal United was looking to sell, but now there are rumors they're either folding or joining MLSNP.

Rumors LA Force is being investigated for some shady employment practices. Considering they basically financed all of NISA, but interesting to see the fall out.

I can't find any scuttlebutt about SD Albion.

Oaks FC is supposed to join NISA for 2024- man that seems like a long way off.

I don't know enough about Angel City and SD Wave to offer much on their post/pre-season moves, other than Angel City picking up local stand out Alyssa Thompson. Always good, IMO, when the local kids can stay local.