Adjusted Offer…..


Wow…got a text from a friend of mine telling me the school his 2024 daughter committed to is adjusting their offer…. This is right before signing day. It’s not a huge adjustment, but is raising all kinds of flags for the family.

They understand it is a business, but this is the ugly side of this. He said they said they are reallocating to bring additional players to make the roster stronger - Prep for the Transfer Portal???

I have heard rumors that this happens, but thought it was really rare and more often to happen after coaching changes, etc., which is not the case. Could be the coach is getting pushed by the AD to get better results???

Sucks for the family as the DD was so excited, and this has taken the shine off. She committed early and has not been texting, calling. emailing other coaches, etc. since she is already committed. They committed August last year. They feel stuck.

Just curious if anybody has dealt with something like this?

My DD is a 2025 and is committed and makes me wonder if we should be hedging the commitment, it’s pretty crazy. But that raises all kinds of flags if that gets out.
Did your friend's daughter end up signing with the school?