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    Points and standings included just for information - don't mean too much yet until teams have all played same number of games....

    Saturday, October 7 2017
    So Cal Blues Soccer Club U-15 4 games/12 pts (3rd)
    Eagles Soccer Club U-15 5 games/0 pts (tied for 13th)
    (Eagles seems to be having a tough time across the age groups)

    Beach Futbol Club U-15 4 games/7 pts (tied for 7th)
    LAFC Slammers U-15 5 games/10 pts (tied for 4th)
    (Beach and Slammers look to be a close match-up)

    Los Angeles Premier Futbol Club U-15 6 games/6 pts (9th)
    LA Galaxy San Diego U-15 6 games/16 pts (tied for 1st)
    (LA Galaxy Dan Diego turning out to be one of the stronger clubs across the age groups)

    San Diego Surf U-15 4 games/10 pts (tied for 4th)
    West Coast Futbol Club U-15 6 games/7 pts (tied for 7th)
    (probably a win for Surf)

    Sunday, October 8 2017
    Legends FC U-15 6 games/16 pts (tied for 1st)
    Albion SC U-15 5 games/5 pts (10th)
    (Albion seems to be struggling across the age groups)

    Real So Cal U-15 4 games/3 pts (tied for 11th)
    Pateadores U-15 4 games/0 pts (tied for 13th)
    (Pats also seems to be struggling across the age groups)

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