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Staff Member

West Valley Samba Jul 10, 2016

Dominic was last seen:
Sep 20, 2017 at 7:51 AM
    1. Stip21
      Any way to start a 2010 age bracket for the boys and girls? There are a lot of 2010 boys teams and it would be nice to open communication lines for scrimmages. The new age restriction starts next season not this year. Thank you!
    2. Strikers FC - OC
      Strikers FC - OC
      What is the advertisement rate? I need to run a Winter Cup banner for a month.

      I haven't been on here much, can't see how to send a PM.


      Chris C.
    3. Harrypotter03
      Hi Dom, Howdto I cancel my membership? I would like my info to be taken off and membership cancelled. Some posters have become highly offensive. Please let me know if there is anything I need to do. Thanks again.
    4. Wez
      How do I become a Premium member Dom?
      1. Dominic
        almost setup
        Sep 21, 2016
    5. MessiFTW
      Please delete thread I started in ECNL section....moved it to the 00 girls thread.
    6. Dominic
      West Valley Samba
    7. Dominic
      Saturday in the park...
    8. mirage
      Hey Dom, cannot see threads on iPhone 6. iOS 9.

      Can see the form headers but when I try to go to any thread/subject, I get a blank screen on the body of the page. Menues are there.

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