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  1. dawson
    dawson jrcaesar
    Hi jrcaeser
    I saw your post on youth soccer rankings regarding correcting errors .
    I know a team that someone by mistake evidently did a remove from ranking correction.
    The team has been playing all year and should be ranked .
    I sent an email to mark@usyouthsoccerrankings and the change was not corrected and I have recieved no response.

    Do you have any suggestions ?
  2. soccer4life366
    How do you post a forum? :/
  3. volley
    Glory Glory Man United
  4. Polavag
  5. TopFlight
    A huevo Canijo
  6. TopFlight
  7. 2much4u
    Easy bracket for Legends this Surf Cup
  8. Mildred Ratched RN
    Mildred Ratched RN
    Unfair and Unbalanced
  9. Cesar Gonzalez
    Cesar Gonzalez William
    Slammers FC in Tustin has a Flight 1 team also. We practice at Foothill HS. We offer USDA, ECNL and EGLS programs. There is a lot of room to grow in our programs. You can text/call me at (714)313-4400, or email me at
  10. Mrjackten
    Mrjackten William
    Hi. Anaheim surf has a Tier 1 team

    Where has your daughter been playing?

    Call me. Marc. 714-904-7498
  11. lupster1
    lupster1 cstrengberg13
  12. Purabarca
    Loving The Beautiful Game!!!!
  13. TFA-WLA
    TFA-Central - B07 Silver Elite Team looking for GK. Contact Tim Moren @ Or call 310-982-9832
  14. TFA-WLA
    TFA-Central - B07 Silver Elite team looking for GK.
  15. Treehugger
    bloom where you're planted.
  16. SplitSoccerFamMom
    Mom of three. Soccer is our life.
  17. Stip21
    Stip21 Dominic
    Any way to start a 2010 age bracket for the boys and girls? There are a lot of 2010 boys teams and it would be nice to open communication lines for scrimmages. The new age restriction starts next season not this year. Thank you!
  18. 3Stripes7
    3Stripes7 cstrengberg13
    We are currently looking for a defender to fill out our roster. We will be in CRL and playing Albion, Surf Cup , and Blues. We will be in top flight of SCDSL. Have her come out and take a look. SGV Surf we practice at South Hills HS on M and W from 6:30 to 8:30. My email is orphone is 909-210-2678
    1. cstrengberg13
      I think Hailey has been out there before with you. Little red head were looking to go to thanksgiving tournament but ended up not working out.
      Jul 2, 2017
  19. deltonmicheal
    BUY HIGH QUALITY DRIVER'S LICENSE,ID'S,PASSPORTS send what apps Number........????
  20. Melissa Smith
    Melissa Smith
    CDA Slammers FC-Orange looking for goalkeeper and a few more players. Camaraderie unlike any other team. Call for inquiries 714-470-2580