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  1. Roa1999
    FC PREMIER BU-1999
  2. PossessionSoccer
    PossessionSoccer hbsoccergirls6
    Hello -

    Our team will be looking for a couple of new players for 2017-18 and will be Flight 1 in South Orange County. After our State Cup run is finished, we will be holding open training sessions. The team is committed to playing possession soccer so the experience is quite different from most teams out there.

    Let me know if you would like additional information.
  3. FCPasterse
    Go on my Recent Activity, to look amazing site for Fifa Mobile 17!
  4. Lisa Edwards
    Lisa Edwards
    looking for a highly competitive Flight 1 G02 team in Orange County for a midfielder/forward
  5. Ibracadabra
    I won't be King of Manchester, I will be God of Manchester.
  6. Futbol Dude
    Futbol Dude
    "I prefer to play and lose, rather than win, knowing I'm going to win".
  7. Ruben Martinez
    Ruben Martinez
    CDA SLAMMERS FC FULLERTON G00/01 team looking to add girls. Tryouts are Mon & Wed at Troy HS in Fullerton at 6:30pm. Ask for Ruben Martinez
  8. goalkeeper
    goalkeeper Lambchop
    Do you know what section of the National Cup rules states there is no stoppage time?
  9. WhiteFenceSurfer
    Homage to ElevenEleven... Lost my identity during the great forum replatform! ;)
  10. Steven Rosen
    Steven Rosen
    Chelsea SC LA
  11. Mildred Ratched RN
  12. Mildred Ratched RN
  13. Brian Horner
    Brian Horner
  14. LA Galaxy San Diego
    LA Galaxy San Diego
    MLS Affiliated Youth Soccer Club
  15. SoCalSoccerPDC
  16. Desert Hound
    Desert Hound
    On a long enough time line the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.
  17. softwaretest
    Probably on a soccer field somewhere.
  18. Sane65
    “It was always football for me. I look forward to every training session and game. There was nothing else for me.” -Leroy Sane
  19. Adidas26
    Looking for a Keeper
  20. SuperNatural
    I am SimonMagus. The be-all and end-all am I!